The Small Moments

Ever get the feeling that your life is a little overloaded? I hope I’m not the only one who gets this feeling. In this day an age, though, it makes sense. Most of us are kept busy with jobs, school, or family. All of those things take up quite a lot of time, don’t they? Sometimes it just feels like life is moving miles ahead, leaving me running behind yelling, “Why can’t you just STOP?!”

I never really thought that maybe I was the one who needed to stop.

We often subconsciously overlook those quiet moments when we are granted a rest. Usually we use those intervals to think of worrisome issues or things that must get done. Although it is important to stay committed to your tasks, there are times when we need to make room for the simple pleasures in life that are easily forgotten.

Believe it or not, we are all familiar with this approach because at one point, every one of us was once a child. Since young children are not bound to the same duties as adults, they are free to live simple, cheerful lives, and are naturally blinded to the stressful matters of the real world(doesn’t that sound like heaven?!). Adulthood comes with numerous advantages, but when life plagues us with trials and burdens, we sometimes recall our previous lives as children, when we were naive to such issues.

Looking back, my childhood seemed so simple. The things that made me cry weren’t so serious, and I’d be back to happily playing within an hour. Sometimes I catch glimpses of how my childhood self viewed life. When I look back at my old storybooks, I read words I had once stumbled over and mispronounced and admire every detail of the magical illustrations. It was quite delightful.

Now, I don’t believe in having a Peter Pan mentality. There is a time to grow up. Going to university or finding a job or career are wonderful things to accomplish. It gives you something to work for, and that is excellent for building your character and work ethic. But does growing up necessarily mean allowing oneself to crumble under the pressures of ‘adulting’? Becoming an adult is naturally stressful at times, but should that control our outlook on life? Should we let it hold us back from seeing life as the beautiful gift that it is?

Earlier I mentioned the importance of allowing yourself to stop. But that doesn’t always mean to stop and just sit there. What about the times when you are eating dinner with your family, or baking cookies with your friend? Maybe at one time or another you have sat by the window with a mug of hot chocolate while watching the first snowfall. There are many things you do when you’re not working, or thinking about working. Like me, do you often forget to treasure those special moments? It’s easy to do, isn’t it? People often forget, or even fail to realize that all these moments are what make up a lifetime. Which of those moments is going to stand out the most? If we neglect those simple, memorable moments and focus mostly on our anxieties, the way we view our lives will not likely change.

I have decided to treasure the little joys in life whenever I can. I believe that cherishing the precious moments given to us by God brings what we have all been trying to find–joy and contentment. Through all our personal struggles and anxieties, perhaps paying a little extra attention to the blessings we have been given are just what we need. We can’t return to our childhood, but we can still have a childlike insight on life through all our demanding responsibilities. Years from now, I want to look back and see a life made up of beautiful, humble moments, a life that we, as humans seeking true peace, were all mean to live.



Greetings, fellow humans

Hello, there. My name is Rachel and I’m 20 years old. Pleased to make your acquaintance!

It is now late in the evening, and I had just decided to start a blog about an hour ago. My brain just buzzed out and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, so I shall pop off for now. I bid thee farewell.

Now how do I post this thing…